Who We Are

Our vision is for a society where young people have the social skills and emotional support they need to thrive.

Khulisa (meaning ‘to nurture’ in Zulu) is an award-winning national charity. We work with young people aged 11-25 whose lives have been affected by trauma or adversity. Experiencing trauma or adversity can hamper the development of social and emotional skills in young people (e.g. their self-confidence, self discipline and coping skills).

We have worked with marginalised and excluded young people since 2007. We work in London, Manchester and Birmingham and our team of skilled therapists deliver intensive, therapeutic programmes for groups of 8-10 young people over a 6 week period. These programmes are proven to significantly increase young people’s social and emotional skills, and in turn, their emotional wellbeing and self-confidence. 

We believe that to create meaningful and lasting change, we need to ensure that all young people are cared for by adults who are trauma-informed and are supported by systems that are responsive to their social and emotional needs. We therefore also train professionals, parents and carers in how to create nurturing, trauma-informed environments for young people.

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